You needed an easy-to-use, affordable, and feature rich way to facilitate residential and online courses for your K-12 school or district. You wanted students to connect with teachers and succeed. You needed educator buy-in and excitement. That's why we created Edvance360 Learning Management System and Secure Social Network.

  • Create online courses
  • Enroll students with one click.
  • Store course material and other documents.
  • Create lessons using powerful sequenced learning tools.
  • Administer, manage, create and share tests.
  • Track student grades using the weighted gradebook.
  • Allow interaction among faculty and students via the social network.
  • Stream and store videos.
  • Batch import students, faculty and classes.
  • Increase student and parental involvement through powerful collaboration tools.

Take a tour and discover why Edvance360 is the right choice.