Switch to Edvance360 LMS-SN™ and gain a great solution at 30% less than your current LMS costs.

Colleges are now forced to look for an alternative solution to high priced Learner Management Systems. Edvance360 has much of the same functionality found in competing LMS software and exceptional customer support. Edvance360 also provides added value, at no additional cost, for premium features like Learning Outcomes Management, ePortfolios, and common cartridge compliance. The cost-savings + celebrated customer care can make the transition from your current system a great next step.

  • A Secure Social Network – Enables Colleges to build relationships with prospective students and current students, as well as stay connected with alumni after graduation.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Model – Enables Colleges to save money and reduce the burden on IT staff by offloading hosting, server maintenance, technical support, and system upgrades to Edvance360 staff.

  • ePortfolios – Enables students at Community Colleges to manage a professional portfolio containing skills developed, documents published,  experience gained, and recommendations garnered from teachers.

  • Curriculum Design Tools – Easy-to-use design tools enable instructors and curriculum designers to create lessons from any file type or existing course tool, manage lessons, and track students’ progress throughout the course.

  • Learning Outcome Management (LOM) – Use our intuitive LOM tools to assess and manage learning outcomes on student, course, and institutional levels.

  • Transition Tools – Enables schools to  transfer data from one LMS vendor to Edvance360 using SCORM, Common  Cartridge, and/Respondus.

  • SIS Integration – Enables automated transfer of live data from Student Information Systems (SIS) to Edvance360 for student, course, registration, and enrollment information.

  • LDAP Integration – Enables users to sign into Edvance360 using the same credentials they use to access other services on the institution’s network.

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