You needed an easy-to-use, affordable, and feature rich way to facilitate residential and online courses. You wanted students to connect with faculty and succeed. You needed faculty buy-in and excitement. That's why we created Edvance360 Learning Management System and Secure Social Network.

  • A Secure Social Network – Enables Colleges to build relationships with prospective students and current students, as well as stay connected with alumni after graduation.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Model – Enables Colleges to save money and reduce the burden on IT staff by offloading hosting, server maintenance, technical support, and system upgrades to Edvance360 staff.

  • ePortfolios – Enables students at Community Colleges to manage a professional portfolio containing skills developed, documents published,  experience gained, and recommendations garnered from teachers.

  • Curriculum Design Tools – Easy-to-use design tools enable instructors and curriculum designers to create lessons from any file type or existing course tool, manage lessons, and track students’ progress throughout the course.

  • Learning Outcome Management (LOM) – Use our intuitive LOM tools to assess and manage learning outcomes on student, course, and institutional levels.

  • Transition Tools – Enables schools to  transfer data from one LMS vendor to Edvance360 using SCORM, Common  Cartridge, and/Respondus.

  • SIS Integration – Enables automated transfer of live data from Student Information Systems (SIS) to Edvance360 for student, course, registration, and enrollment information.

  • LDAP Integration – Enables users to sign into Edvance360 using the same credentials they use to access other services on the institution’s network.

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