You needed an easy-to-use, affordable, and feature rich way to facilitate residential and online courses. You wanted students to connect with faculty and succeed. You needed faculty buy-in and excitement. That's why we created Edvance360 Learning Management System and Secure Social Network.

  • It’s easy to use - if you can use email, you can use Edvance360
  • Uploading course material takes seconds
  • Clinical schedules are posted online and students are notified immediately
  • Clinical and Course evaluations can be taken, managed, and tracked online
  • Students can access grades online
  • Edvance360 works with ParSCORE/Scantron
  • Edvance360 will export data to any student records database
  • Continuing Education courses can also be created, managed, and taken via Edvance360
  • Training and support is included
"We chose Scholar360 as our LMS because it was the best value for the money. Scholar360 had all the features we needed to take us online with our course content, connect our students and faculty, and manage our course evaluations - all at a price that fits well into our budget."

- Carla Hilton, Covenant School of Nursing

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